If you have any interest in fashion, check out this video a friend of mine worked on. 



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Digital Rain

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Challenge The Throne

Challenge The Throne

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Anonymous asked: Are you 100 percent sure that Tupac is dead?

phantomstar165 asked: I'm thinking about starting a anime club with me and some of my friends any ideas we should do for activities?

I’ve never done the anime club thing, so I’m probably not the best person to ask. I guess have a good variety of titles to watch and have plenty of alcohol at hand? 

arthurmesa asked: At momocon will you try to stream Toonami in a panel room or big screen?

Depends if the con let’s us, and if we have a space, and how busy we are…so not likely. 

Anonymous asked: Why did you say quote "Igpx is the greatest action anime since Cowboy Bebop"?

warrior-ronin asked: If it makes you feel better, Log Horizon really isn't about being trapped in a game, and the author actually seems to care about his characters. Not sure if that helps.