Anonymous said: Do you think 3D will ever make an impact outside of theaters?

Don’t think so. It’s a shame really, I like 3D when done properly.

There’s a feeling to 3D in theaters that hasn’t really been recreated at home with 3D television. Shame really, Gravity is one of those films where 3D is a big part of the experience, but it just doesn’t play the same at home unless you’ve got the biggest, baddest 3DHT projector possible.

Anonymous said: What do you think is going to be cut out of Hellsing Ultimate?

Well, I’m genuinely surprised episode one made it through completely uncut. That WILL change next week when the F-bombs start dropping. It’ll be interesting to see how far [as] is willing to push the violence. Even more so than Akira, Hellsing Ultimate has a ridiculous body count. Even more than Superjail which is probably [adult swim]’s most violent show, this goes beyond that, and it’s tone is also vastly different. Besides losing limbs and decapitations, there are some extremely violent depictions of disembowelment, impalement, and a more unspeakable act that I’d rather not say here (it’s also a spoiler). It’s not played for laughs, which is what Superjail could always fall back on.

It’ll be interesting to see what [as] will be able to get away with on basic, but there’s no way it’ll be uncut like some people have implied. Either way, I think Hellsing Ultimate might be the most violent show to ever air on basic cable, even more than Walking Dead. (Basic cable! Not premium channels!)

Anonymous said: Since Space Dandy is ending in two weeks, will you give your final thoughts soon?

In what way? Like a review ?

Anonymous said: I know you're big against 4K, so what are your thoughts on the recent announcement of 4K Blu-ray?

Well, I want to make something very, very clear. I have no problems with 4K. It’s a wonderful, flexible resolution that I have worked in and loved it. It’s great for theatrical distribution and I look forward to theaters converting from 2K to 4K projectors (which a lot of them are doing). The high resolution will definitely benefit the huge screen size.

I take issue with 4K television at the current time because I don’t think most people are going to be buying TV’s big enough to make the investment worth it, and there’s a real lack of content available. I know that certain TV channels have done experiments with it (including where I’ve worked) but until H.265 becomes widely available the bandwidth requirements are too large, and until the TV’s really penetrate the market, no channel’s really gonna invest in it. I’ve written a whole thing about it in greater detail, so please read that here.

Now as for the format itself, I feel excited to have a pretty decent way to make the investment 4KTV somewhat justifiable, but with physical media’s market continuing to get smaller and smaller, while platforms such as digital delivery services like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and others get larger and larger, with Netflix even offering 4K streams on select hardware, I don’t think it’s going to make that big of an impact. I’m excited about the expanded colorspace, and higher compression yields more than the actual resolution though. I don’t think many people are going to want to buy new Blu-ray players for the format when pretty soon Netflix, iTunes, and other streaming platforms are going to offer it without upgrading hardware (or the cost to upgrade hardware will not be expensive).

It’ll be interesting to see if this catches on, but I really think only niche videophiles like me will really care.  

“The concept that the government buys testimony? Well, that is just a slanderous and lowlife remark by Mr. Carney. That is not how the government works.” - Fred Wyshak, assistant United States attorney

“The concept that the government buys testimony? Well, that is just a slanderous and lowlife remark by Mr. Carney. That is not how the government works.” - Fred Wyshak, assistant United States attorney

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Anonymous said: Do you think Toonami/[adult swim] will get it's own network?

Er… don’t know if I can answer this since it might be taken seriously as a statement from Turner instead of what it actually is: My thoughts without any information to go on. After all, I have no idea what goes on inside Williams Street/Techwood. Hell, I only really know what’s going on in one section of one floor of the CNN Center.

Anonymous said: Where were you on 9/11/2001?

Arvida Middle School, first period, Civics class with Mr. Rosen. The announcement came over the PA from our principle, but he just said planes, so I thought it was small single engine plane that hit maybe just one of the towers. It wasn’t until the next period where our teacher turned on the TV and we saw that we’re clearly under attack. Around this point the Pentagon was hit too. Certain teachers tried to keep going with the class. A lot didn’t bother and just watched the local stations with us. I remember a lot of kids getting pulled from school early which ultimately did nothing since not a single attack occurred anywhere near the south of the country. It was a strange day, one that I don’t think I fully grasped until I was a little older. I understood what had happened and how tragic it was, but I don’t think I could have foreseen the ripple effect it had in this country in the years that followed.

Anonymous said: What artists would you like to see on the [as] singles next year?

Ben Lovett (non-Toonami music, I’d like stuff from the Highway Collection) is perfect for [as] singles.

Chela is a perfect alt. pop act for the line-up. A style that is pretty unique that could benefit from the exposure.

Cornelius is a hard sell. He’s a Japanese electronic artist who extremely successful at home, and has had some success here (Scott Pilgrim comes to mind). His work on the Ghost In The Shell: Arise soundtrack as well as his Salyu x Salyu album that he produced are genius compositions of electronic music. The way he uses the human voice as a literal instrument on the Salyu x Salyu stuff is pretty impressive. His recent collaboration with Sean Lennon is also a gorgeous piece of work. The guy is a talented producer and artist and I think an [as] single is the way for him to get the due he really deserves.

Amon Tobin… because Amon Tobin.

Younnat is another guy with eclectic stuff… oh and Freeland! Wow, I’ve only thought of electronic artists mostly. Let me try and think of a band now.

I don’t have any in mind but what I’d mostly like for next year to be all new acts, at least mostly. I adore RTJ and FlyLo but they’ve been featured I think twice now. I’m really excited when I hear Speedy Ortiz or Cults or Washed Out or MadVillian or The Tallest Man On Earth or Death Grips or Unknown Mortal Orchestra or Futures or Mac DeMarco, because until the singles, I had never heard of them and now I’m actively following their careers.

Except Death Grips because they disbanded. And now I’m sad.

Anonymous said: What music artists do you think are underrated today?

KT Tunstall is what comes to mind. Cornelius is another one who I’d say is extremely underrated for his work on Arise. People keep comparing him to Yoko Kanno when he is clearly not even trying to match her musical sensibilities and creating his own voice with the franchise.

warrior-ronin said: Are you ready for Legend of Korra in October?

I don’t watch Avatar. Sorry.