Anonymous asked: Bad news Toonami is getting Beware the Batman another Non anime series. They are trying to turn the block into kiddy action cartoons should we panic?

Why did you start that with “Bad news?” If you find it to be “Bad news” why are you asking me if you should panic? Shouldn’t you know the answer to that? Also, unless you work at Toonami (which you don’t) you have no idea what they’re “trying to turn the block into…” whatever. It’s Toonami’s block. They’re going to make it Toonami. Chill out.

Anonymous asked: Will GITS ever get to air uninterrupted on Toonami?

The first season is going to finish it’s run. I’m sure 2nd Gig will get it’s run. It’s not like the show is going to go away for good anytime soon. They own perpetual rights to it and despite being 11 years old now, the show is still really popular. 

Anonymous asked: Beware the Batman coming May 10 at 3 am, replacing GitS, and showing all 26 episodes that were produced, even the ones that didn't air on CN. Thoughts?

Happy to see DC represented on Toonami again. Never saw Beware The Batman so they’ll all be new to me.

Only singular tiny complaint: It removes GitS from the schedule during our month of special GitS episodes on the podcast. 

Anonymous asked: Do you think Conan was right when he said that Space Ghost was evil?

I probably shouldn’t say anything since I’ve worked on Conan’s show briefly and I’ve met some of the people who worked on Space Ghost.

phantomstar165 asked: Is Toonami still doing tumblr Q&A or they are not doing it anymore?

I think it’s bi-monthly now.

Anonymous asked: now that the one piece podcast in Japan premiered in AB, are you still going to be working on that (final touches or anything?) or are you also just waiting for the distribution dilemma to be solved?

Little of column A, little of column B. Can’t really go into detail.

scarredtiger asked: What will it take for Toonami to become available in Canada(or any other country, but mostly Canada)? What are my options as an individual besides following along on twitter with my DVDs?

That’s really, really tough to say. International Toonami distribution has to have a big presence in the region it’s being requested for, and I mean big. Large scale letter writing campaigns, as well as a big presence on social media. 

Obviously, we’re (“we” meaning open to helping our neighbors to the north as well as buddies across the pond but we have Toonami, we’re busy providing content and stirring up interest and awareness in the block and frankly, we’re somewhat taking Toonami for granted. We’re not going to have the mindspace nor the time to continue rallying people for international causes when we have a lot going domestically. It’s going to take someone with a large following as well as the patience to keep up the efforts. 

Quick tips: Don’t e-mail Cartoon Network/[adult swim] USA. [adult swim] recently launched in Canada (back in 2012 if I’m not completely mistaken), e-mail them. Be polite, and obviously there has to be a big outpouring of support from more than just 20 people. Feel free to tell them that Canada is the second largest audience for the Toonami Faithful Podcast (can’t give you exact numbers though, those are proprietary for our use only). I believe there’s an audience there, they just have to get organized and show [adult swim] that the investment is worth the effort.

phantomstar165 asked: I think we have bad timing in terms of meeting at conventions don't we?

I guess.

arthurmesa asked: When is this week's episode of podcast coming out?

Tomorrow now. Sorry for the delay. 

Anonymous asked: Judging by your standards, how much do you think it cost the Toonami crew to get to air Titan, as I'm just speculating that it didn't cost a pretty penny?


Pretty sure that’s a real number.